Frequently Asked Questions

Dive Live is designed to be intuitive. You can run dual meets and championships. We will be adding more questions than answers as we grow. Still have questions? Contact us

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Find your team and join (as a coach, diver, parent, or administrator)

Step 3: Divers must be approved/accepted by the coach

Step 4: Create a mock meet to learn how the scoring and meet administration process works

Step 5: Run a real meet!

You should sign up as the child, using the child's name, birthdate, competing gender, etc

You can be signed in with multiple devices at the same time so you can "share the account" with your child.

Or, if you have another email address, you can register that one for yourself and join the team as a parent.

Divers can sign up unattached. Then join your team later. Check with your coach and make sure your team has registered your team in our system.

Coaches who need to have their team created should submit a team request.

Yes! Dive Live is design so you can be a member of more than one team. You can join a high school team, club team or any other team in our system. Just request to be a member of the team. The coach or the administrator must accept you to be on the team.  (You may have to remind the coach to check if there are any memberships pending.)

Please watch our tutorial video on YouTube

No. You may sign up and compete in meets for free.We have three levels of service our free service allows anyone to join a compete. Our premium service allows you to store videos on your Dive sheet and much more. In addition we have many more features coming.

Q. Where can I find Dive Live?

Dive live is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google play store.

How do I subscribe?

Once you register you'll be prompted. We have three levels of service free, $9.95 per year for deluxe and $24.95 per year for a premium package

Q. How can I pay for this?

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Q. What if I lose my password?

We have a password retrieval system set up. Will use your email you signed up with. This will allow you to reset your password. Just reminder do not share your password. Yes

Q. Can I enter my own sheets or does my coach do it?

You are able to enter your own sheets for meets, it's right on the app. Once you click on a meet that your team is competing in, you will be given the option to enter your sheet at the bottom. Just click that, confirm your events, and you're all set to enter your sheets.

Q. is it possible to pay for more than one year?

Yes. You can set up reoccurring fees and be billed annually. This avoids having to renew every year.

Q. Will college coaches see my videos?

Yes. Divers and coaches who follow you will see your videos in their newsfeed.

Q. Who can post videos of my diving?

Only people you have given permission to can post videos to your Dive sheet.

Can I remove a video if I don't like it?

Yes. You will have control over who post videos and be able to remove videos.

Q. What will I see when I go to my newsfeed?

You will be able to see anything from teams that you are on or that you follow. There will be videos of divers from teams that you follow, scores from meets, and results from meets. As well, when a meet starts, you will be able to click on that meet and be able to follow the dives and scores live.