Nice work, Coach!

Your team has been added to Dive Live and you’ve now joined. What next? You need your divers and parents to join the party! Maybe even assistant or head coaches or swim coaches. Dare I say “Alumni”?

Copy and paste this text into an email or group text to your team.

(Note: there is a little button in the upper right corner of the block of text where you can copy the text to your clipboard for easy pasting)

					Hi Team,
For our upcoming meets, we will be using an application called Dive Live. This app makes it easy to register for meets, enter and edit sheets and follow live results.

Please find it in your Google Play or the Apple App Store. Fill out the registration and then “Find” our team and tap the button to Join. I’ll get a notice and approve you.

Parents - Please note:
You can join the team also! You’ll be able to capture video at the meets and save it to the dive sheets.  You’ll also see results and upcoming meets in your newsfeed.
However, if your child doesn’t have their own email address, you should use your email address to register, but fill out the diver’s info.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can also contact the folks at Dive Live at 978-999-2415 or learn more at